1.1. The rules for using the University Library are developed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Libraries and Library Affairs” and the Model Regulations on the Library of the Higher Educational Institution of Education of Ukraine.

1.2. The University Library is an educational, scientific, informational and cultural-educational unit of the educational institution providing the works of print and other information materials of the educational, scientific and educational processes of the university.

1.3. Фонди бібліотеки університету є складовою частиною загально державної довідково-інформаційної системи і знаходяться під охороною держави

2.1. The right to use the library is granted to the teaching staff, research staff, graduate students, undergraduates, students, students of the centers of pre-university and postgraduate training, and employees of the structural units of the university.

2.2. Readers have the right to receive in a temporary use scientific, educational, artistic, reference, methodical literature on season tickets, in reading rooms, branches and other points of publication of literature; use all kinds of reference and bibliographic services, other services provided by the library; to participate in reading conferences, literary and musical evenings, debates and other events held by the library.

2.3. For entry to the library, you must provide a student (postgraduate) ticket, or a business card, valid this year.

2.4. On the basis of the submitted documents the reader is led to the reader's form.

2.5. Before writing to the library, the reader must read the rules of use of the library and confirm their obligation to sign them in a readable form.


3.1. In order to obtain literature, the reader submits a student ID card, a postgraduate or service certificate, submits an oral or electronic request, and signs in the reader form for each copy received.

3.2. When submitting via electronic form, the reader submits documents according to the item

3.3. The return of literature is automatically recorded by Liber-Media.

3.4. Readers are obliged to treat books and other works of print received from the library collections carefully and return them within the prescribed time; not to remove literature from the library premises from the library unless it is recorded in one of the accounting documents; not to make any marks in it, not to tear and not to perish pages; do not remove cards from catalogs and filing cabinets.

3.5. Upon receipt of the literature, the reader should carefully review it and, if any defects are found, inform the librarian who is obliged to mark the publication accordingly.

3.6. Responsibility for the corrupted literature rests with the reader who used it most recently.

3.7. Readers who have caused the library damage fund bear material and administrative responsibility in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

3.8. Readers who have lost books from the library stock or caused irreparable damage to them must replace them with the same or recognized library equivalent. If it is impossible to replace, the reader should make a photocopy of this edition. Cash compensation is established at market prices in effect on the day of settlement. In case of loss of especially valuable for the library editions, if the nominal value of the lost (damaged) literature is much lower than the actual one, the method of calculation and its multiplicity is determined by the library separately for each edition depending on its value, or at the prices determined by the catalogs for purchase and sale second-hand, antique, other publications and the terms of use of these prices.

3.9. The cost of damaged or lost books and other materials is determined by the prices specified in the library accounting documents, subject to further indexation of the value of their holdings.

3.10. Replacement of lost or damaged readers is recorded in a special notebook and confirmed by the signatures of the reader and the librarian who accepts the replacement.

3.11. The library annually re-registers readers. When re-registering, the reader must submit for consideration all the literature that he or she may receive again. Readers who do not register with the library are not served.

3.12. After the end of the academic year, students are required to submit all literature to the library.

3.13. In the event that the reader ceases to use the library, he or she is obliged to hand over all books and sign a bypass.

4.1. On season tickets:

4.1.1. The educational literature is published on the subscription for the semester, which corresponds to the curricula and programs.

4.1.2. Fiction is published in an amount of no more than 3 copies up to 1 month. The period of use of the book may be extended after its presentation.

4.1.3. Part-time students are required to use study guides depending on the dates of exam sessions.

4.1.4. Issuance of books to students for industrial practice is carried out depending on the availability of book funds in the specialization.

4.1.5. Not visible outside the library:

  •       encyclopedic and especially valuable publications;
  •       electronic publications;
  •       scientific foundation;
  •       periodicals and newspapers;
  •       rare publications;


4.1.6. The librarian has the right to extend the period of use of the literature at the request of the reader, if it is not in demand by other readers.

4.1.7. In case of book delays, the library administration has the right to apply appropriate sanctions against violators (deprivation of the right to use library funds for a certain period of time) without a valid reason.

4.2. In the reading rooms:

4.2.1. Books in reading rooms are published at the request of readers.

4.2.2. Unpublished materials (dissertations, abstracts, etc.), restricted literature are published in the prescribed manner.

4.2.3. Reading books from the reading room is forbidden. When leaving the reading room, the reader must submit his books.

4.3. In computer rooms:

4.3.1. A computer room user must adhere to the Internet (http: // www.library.tneu.edu.ua) rules.

4.3.2. The user searches for literature in Liber-Media.

4.3.3. The user is consulted on computer technology.

4.3.4. Users are allowed to work on personal computers (PCs) for no more than 1 hour. Time can be extended in the absence of a queue.

4.3.5. It is forbidden in the computer room to eat and leave trash in the workplace.

4.3.6. If computer problems are detected, you should contact the computer room staff.

4.3.7. Users can order and use literature using computerized workplaces.

5.1. Forms its funds in accordance with the profile of educational, methodological, research and cultural activities of the University.

5.2. Облік, забезпечує зберігання, раціональну організацію і використання своїх фондів.

5.3. Provides library, information and bibliographic services to readers, ensures complete and prompt satisfaction of their requests.

5.4. Creates and maintains a reference and bibliographic apparatus, compiles and publishes scientific support and reference bibliographies, indexes, performs library references, conducts bibliographic reviews, etc.

5.5. Organizes book exhibitions, days of information, days of chairs, conferences, literary and musical evenings, debates and other library events.

5.6. Provides differentiated service for readers on subscriptions, reading rooms and other points of literature.

5.7. Provides a high level of cultural service to readers, creates the conditions necessary to work with different sources of information.


5.8. Studies information needs and provides prompt support of information requests of university professors, scholars and students, using different forms and methods of individual, group and mass media; conducts research of readers' needs and interests in order to optimally satisfy them.

5.9. Provides readers with extensive information about their information resources, provides access to other databases in Ukraine and abroad.

5.10. It disseminates knowledge of the basics of computer science, librarianship and bibliography among users, instills in them the ability to work with books, reading cultures, etc., conducts individual conversations, consultations, etc.

5.11. Ensures that readers are informed about the types of library services.

5.12. The library issues the documents to the reader only after the previously received ones, which have expired, are returned.

5.13. The return of the literature is certified by the librarian with his signature on the reader's form.

5.14. Після закінчення терміну користування книгами, іншими творами друку і матеріалами бібліотекар нагадує користувачам поштою чи телефоном (за рахунок абонента) про необхідність повернути літературу у визначений термін. Якщо користувач ігнорує нагадування бібліотеки, вона передає відповідні матеріали до деканату факультета, або кафедри

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