DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a digital object identifier that is assigned to scientific articles and collections.

У DOI може входити різна інформація, наприклад, адреса статті в Інтернеті (URL – Uniform Resource Locator), назва статті, автор, інформація про видання і інші метадані, які ви повинні ретельно заповнити і перевірити ще раз при додаванні статей і збірок в Open Journal Systems .

The DOI consists of a prefix and a suffix and looks like this:

"10" - the identifier sign - always remains the same

15421 is a unique digital label for the publisher. Each publisher (for example, a publishing house, an institution, an individual) must have a unique designation (prefix) that can be obtained from one of the official DOI registration agencies or from third parties who have a valid contract with these agencies.

"Abc1234567890" - (suffix) - directly identifier of a specific object, such as a scientific article or collection. The suffix must also be unique - repetitions are excluded. The suffix can contain both numbers and letters as well as single characters.

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