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Full-text database (DB) "Thesis" available for viewing only in the Electronic Reading Room of Building # 1.

The database includes diploma works in all specialties and forms of education since 2008, and is updated annually with the work of graduates.

Only those diplomas that have defended the "excellent" are open for viewing.

Rules of behavior in the reading room when working with DB ”Thesis”:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to copy and photograph the thesis;
  2.     Only one reader must work on one computer (availability of a reading card for in-patient students, commercial f-t is compulsory, absentee f-t is a credit book);
  3.     A computer with full-text diplomas is strictly forbidden from talking on a cell phone, reading or writing sms, putting a camera on a desk, or closing the computer screen with shopping bags.
  4.     Graduate work is allowed to read, summarize or type text using a laptop.

Provided there is a queue for work with diplomas, the reader has the right to work one hour without interruption from work from the time he came to the reading room. The hour and place (computer 1 or 2) is recorded by the librarian in a special logbook (contact the librarian for registration or consultation).

After the hour, if there is a queue, the reader must leave the workplace.



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